Easy way to transfer one big file (4 GB+) to Flash Drive

26 Sep

Today usb  flash drive have many big capacity [ 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB].  Some ppl buy it but

can’t transfer one big files which size more than 4 GB  such as DVD image files ;  iso, nrg

to their flash drive. If you have same problem, don’t be worry. This article can help you.

Simply usb  flash drive use system format is Fat (which limit  2 GB per one file).

Easy way to fix problem, you just only change system format to Ntfs

( which can store one big file more than 4 GB )

How to change Fat to Ntfs

Credit : (Article & image)

* Firat back up all data from your flash drive to other ( Harddisk, media memory)

1. Right click My Computer and select Manage.2. Open the Device Manager and find your USB drive under the Disk Drives heading.

3. Right click the drive and select Properties.4. Choose Policies tab and select the “Optimize for performance” option.

5. Click OK.6. Open My Computer.

7. Select Format on the flash drive.

8. Choose NTFS in the File System dropdown box.9. Device Formatting is completed.


To remove a device safely without data loss use a “safely remove hardware” procedure

or Eject function from Windows Explorer.


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2 responses to “Easy way to transfer one big file (4 GB+) to Flash Drive


    2012/02/29 at 09:04

    What do you suggest if my Windows XP-Sp3 OS does not offer me the “ntfs” choice?
    My only choices are FAT32 and exFAT32..
    And when I FORMAT in exFAT32 the drive is not recognized by another Wib7 OS ?

    Also the other computer fails to format the drive at all in any file system.

    Linux computer has no problem formatting the drive(s)

    exFAT32 should work with large file sizes.

    Is this a Microspft problem OR flash-drive manufacturers problem?

    • DiY_MaN

      2012/03/16 at 01:17

      Sorry for late reply and sorry i can’t help fix you problem.
      I only know How format to ntfs on Win 7. Really sorry